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Photos From The Hague Jazz Festival

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

The Al McKay Allstars performed at The Hague Jazz Festival in The Netherlands. Photos from the show were taken by Gerard Reijgersberg and have been posted in the photo gallery.

Here are a few comments from some of the fans in The Netherlands…

Rob Bemelen
Last Saturday, we witnessed Al with his band on stage at The Hague Jazz Festival and it was really awesome. Like I suspected for a long time, his band is better than the current “real” EWF touring band.

Lonneke Burkhard
The concert was magnificent!!!!! I’m still on cloud nine. What a night, what a musicians and what a singers. Especially Tim Owens, he is the first singer I know who can replace Philip Bailey, my personal hero.

Dirk aka DJ Funk-O-Nots
It was a great show, even the people who were a little sceptic what they could bring without Phillip Bailey liked the show, To see Al playing “live” with this band is the best advertising!!!

Marcus van Wely
Hey guys, just mailing to say djeez! What a concert at The Hague Jazz. Awsome! At first I had some reservations when I heard it was a “different EWF” that would be performing. But what a party it turned out to be! I haven’t been to a concert this nice for years. It was clear that the band were enjoying themselves too.

Ron Spies
They had play at the concert all my favourite songs and with all respect for EW&F, Al with his All Stars were better.

To check out the photos from the show, click here.

Hangin’ With The James Brown Band

Friday, July 18th, 2003

Perugia, Italy:

At the Umbria Jazz Festival, the AMA’s had the pleasure of giving a personal performance for the members of the James Brown Band…

The above picture was taken back stage after the Allstars’ performance at the famous jazz festival in Italy…

Now, with James’ passing, goes one of the great music groups. We wish the best to our brethren (and sistren) in the band. May all of you land where the music never stops, and where you are appreciated as much as we appreciate you!

Peace and love,

The Allstars