Al McKay Allstars Sell Out Bulgaria – Nov. 2006

Al McKay Allstars Sell Out Bulgaria

November 14, 2006 Sofia, Bulgaria – The Al McKay Allstars, performing at the National Palace of Culture, entertained an estimated 3,000 enthusiastic fans, Monday evening.

The event, which was one of the concerts of the Sofia Jazz Peak series, was among “the best of all of our concerts, to date,” according to promoter, Imanuel Marcus, indicating that the Allstars would be invited again for a future series.

Several of the Allstars showed up at the “Back Stage” club on Sunday evening, enjoying and sitting in with the top Bulgarian funk group, “TE.” “We love meeting other players, particularly those who are at such a world class level,” stated Allstars keyboardist, Ben Dowling (pictured above with TE Yassen). “We love to show up and support great live music. Sunday night with TE is a perfect example of an evening well spent,” he added.

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