2008 Mosaic Music Festival (Singapore) Review – Blucat

Mosaic 08 Memories: EWF Experience (March 9, 2008) – Blucat

I had started on a post about my Mosaic experience but was distracted/exhausted. So here I am with the second attempt.

For someone who dont usually go for Mosaic acts, amazingly, this year I went for 4!

Sunday night: Earth Wind Fire Experience by Al McKay Allstars

Monday night: George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic

Thursday night: Get Up, Stand Up! by Desmond Foster & band with guest Dj/Mc Papa Dee

Friday night: The Roots

I had intended to take over my friend’s tix to go for House of Blues II on Sat night but found myself exhausted and really wanting to just stay home so I skipped that.


The Al Mckay Allstars:
Devere Duckett, Joey DeLeon, Aaron Haggerty, Michael Harris, Bill Churchville, Al, Claude Woods, Tim Owens, Ben Dowling and Ed Wynne

I totally wanted to go for EWF Experience, cos well.. I liked their music and I wanted to see their songs performed Live. So that was a supremely fun night. Al McKay and his gang of EWF Experience buddies were a fantastic band (about 10 ppl but still a band right?). The transition from one song to the next was flawless, sometimes I didnt even know they had gone to the next song. They mixed the slow with fast songs really well and boy could the 3 vocalists sing and dance!

Claude Woods, Tim Owens & Devere Duckett

They were in matching clothes, complete with baggy silky like pants and were almost perfect when moving about in cheorographed dance steps. Tim had the sweetest voice and could that boy croon! I was in the middle of the level 3 seats and F was trying to get me to stand up and dance but being the shy sheep I am, I thought about the people behind me getting blocked by my fabulous dance steps so I refused. Till the vocalists asked all of us to stand and dance lol. Then everyone stood up and we started to boogey from there. The band was great and Tim constantly interacted with the audience, making us sing along and I think I saw some people tried to copy the 3 lead’s dance steps hurhur.. but the best bits I think went to the saxophonist.

Bill Churchville, Michael Harris, Steve Baxter & Ed Wynne

I think its the same guy, Mr Wynne was the saxophonist that night. It was .. awesome. As Ravi puts it, thats what you call ‘murdering the sax, man!’ He played with the sax like a willing woman in bed. I can only put it that way. Ok fine like a child waiting for his next piece of candy. So tak glam. Anyway. The theatre hushed to silence when he started on his solos and you couldn’t hear anything else except him coaxing out the loving sounds.. mmm.. I remember why I was so hard up about learning to play the sax a long time ago.

When the band went all out with their delightfully radio friendly and dance friendly tunes, I felt joy soaring in my heart (lol I know it sounds cheesy) but I really did. I was laughing when I boogeyed with the hundreds of people in the audience. Man. That was a night to remember. The other thing that made me really happy was when I saw middle aged couples bringing their young kids aged maybe 8-10 along for the concert. Omg I want to be that parent! I’ve always had this dream of being that parent who brings my kids to see concerts/gigs, plays, musicals, workshops – things which I tried to bring my youngest sis to go to but I was still poor then (not yet stable income) so I brought her out for a few. But if I have children, yes I will bring them out. K will be in charge of bringing them for the boring stuff, like Science Centre, Zoo, HortPark, BioPark (got or not? I just sembuh oni heh). I just realised that when I was listing down the boring stuff, that I love the Science Centre and the Zoo. Ok la I’m a nerd.

So yeah. It was a damn gratifying and great start to my Mosaic week with the Al McKay Allstars. Left me fully sated and drained by Saturday. 3 other Mosaic experiences to come.

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